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Feel free to contact Polinovel, a leading lithium ion battery manufacturer specializing in providing comprehensive lithium battery solutions. As a top lithium battery supplier in China, we value our customers' energy needs and provide customized lithium battery packs according to the desired specifications, functions, etc.


We are a high-end lithium ion battery and LiFePO4 battery factory cultured in the values of providing safe and reliable battery solutions. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities enable us to closely monitor every stage of the production process, to ensure excellence in the design and manufacture of lithium battery packs. We will surpass your expectations in quality and service.
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  • This was my first order with a Chinese business and I was most impressed. They were clear and willing to answer any questions or vary the product if necessary and took care to make sure they were supplying a suitable product. I am going to explore the possibility of importing more batteries for re-sale in the UK so hope this is just the start of a happy business relationship. Thank you.
    Mr. Rayner from UK
  • I purchased three of these to use as the house battery bank on my boat. Typically they would need to be carefully charged to up a matching voltage before connecting them in parallel. I was very surprised to find that the voltage of all three matched exactly right out of the box. I suspect that Polinovel selected matching cells in the assembly process to make these match so well.

    Mr. Ullmann from New Zealand
  • Great product and excellent value. The company produced them in a fast time and used very fast global shipping. The batteries look like they are high quality and the LCD display works great!
    Mr. Cobb from USA
  • The person in charge is kind and the product is of very good quality. The battery purchased three years ago has the same performance as a new battery. Great!
    Mr. Yuichi from Japan
  • One of the best transactions of my commercial career (49 years long). The level of service from my Polinovel representative (Linsa Ye) was exceptional. Despite the vast cultural differences her help and knowledge was exceptional. so far I have only undertaken a visual inspection of the good but the workmanship appears to match the quality of the sales service.
    Mr. Graham from UK
  • Amazing battery product. As advertised, works great.
    Mr. Robert Montgomery from USA
  • I got the battery. Thank you for the good work!
    Mr. Galina Graf from Germany

Polinovel Lithium Ion Battery Cases

48V 150Ah Marine Lithium Battery for Popaboat Catamaran in Lithuania
11 14,2022

Our Lithuanian customer Popaboat installed the 48V 150Ah lithium marine batteries in parallel to power their newly designed catamarans. We tailored the battery size based on the internal design of the catamarans and offered the customer a 3D schematic diagram for confirmation.

48V 200Ah Rack-mounted Solar Battery in Iraq Telecom Base Station
06 28,2023

Two Polinovel 48V 200Ah rack-mounted lithium solar batteries used in parallel to replace 48V 50Ah lead acid battery system. Rack-mounted lithium batteries are easy to install and maintain, take up minimal space within the telecom base station, and contribute to more effective power storage.

48V 200Ah Lithium Battery EC1000 for Energy Storage System in Lebanon
10 10,2022

Two 48V 200Ah power wall lithium batteries EC1000 are connected in parallel and configured with Deye inverter, building a 20kWh solar energy storage system. The customer was satisfied with this solution and said it could meet daily electricity demand without worrying about power outages.

48V 200Ah x 2 Units Lithium Batteries for Sailboat Upgrading in USA
11 11,2021

The 2 x 48V 200Ah Polinovel lithium batteries are installed to power two 48V electric motors (10KW peak power, 14HP, run 3650 PRM) and other house loads on his 30’ catamaran liveaboard sailboat. The batteries are charged by 12KWH solar panels and 300W wind turbines through a charger controller and M

12V 600Ah Custom Lithium Battery for Trailer in Australia
11 11,2021

"Durable structure" is the main reason the client chose Polinovel as it would be sturdy enough to take over rough terrain for his trailer. We tailored a 12V 600Ah lifepo4 battery size with M8 terminals on top. The new lithium battery needs to fit the original installation tray that was for 4x120Ah b


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Polinovel has been manufacturing lithium battery packs for over 15 years. As an experienced lithium ion battery manufacturer, we have the know-how to build a custom battery module to perfectly suit your application. Get in touch with us today! We are committed to providing you with the information and guidance you need.
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