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01. Needs Exploration
OEM and ODM start by understanding your needs. If you are considering designing a lithium battery, our innovative design team will have an in-depth dialogue with you to discuss your ideas, requirements, applications and market positioning. Each member of our team has unparalleled experience in the application of lithium batteries, even if you only have a rough idea, they will guide you through the whole process and get inspiration for your custom lithium battery solution.
02. Excellent Engineer Designing
Great design is the key to ensuring the excellent performance and experience of lithium ion batteries. Our team of product design engineers will use computer-aided software for the structural design of battery modules, protection boards, terminals, and other functional modules (LCD indicator, Bluetooth monitoring function, RS485 communication, etc) to come up with 2D or 3D images so that you can view the final lithium ion battery design.
03. Component Sourcing
The secret of guaranteeing quality lies in the details. With the help of our dedicated supply chain, we will source components at a high standard to ensure that your customized OEM LiFePO4 battery design becomes a reality. We partner with high-end suppliers for superior quality to ensure that your battery solution is of an outstanding class.
04. Efficient Manufacturing
Our in-house manufacturing facility ensures that we are able to manufacture customized lithium iron phosphate battery in an efficient and timely manner. Strict adherence to quality control is maintained at all levels of the manufacturing process to facilitate the production of a fully customized OEM LiFePO4 battery as per your specifications. As one of the mature OEM lithium ion battery suppliers in China, we will ensure that your needs are met and the top-quality product is delivered without any delays on the basis of the size and time of your order.
05. Rigorous Testing and Inspection
All incoming materials and components are carefully tested in our factory. With a complete set of quality management systems and testing machines, we ensure that all OEM lithium ion batteries comply with standards before delivery. Before dispatch, the OEM lithium ion batteries will undergo functional tests such as charging-discharging tests and strict appearance inspections according to the production process guidelines.
06. UN Carton Package
Packaging is the core guarantee for the safety of battery transportation. Our lithium ion batteries will be properly packaged in strict accordance with UN3480 regulations. UN cartons and plywood boxes comply with international transportation standards, to ensure that the lithium batteries are delivered to you safely.
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