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Commercial Energy Storage System

Polinovel commercial energy storage system (ESS) gives you the flexibility to manage your power consumption by choosing when to use grid power and when to use stored power reserves. This helps shift demand from peak to off-peak hours to reduce energy costs and ensure you have a seamless power supply.

Polinovel Commercial ESS Benefits

All-in-one Solution

Polinovel commercial energy storage systems include LiFePO4 batteries, inverters, transformers, air conditioning systems, and fire suppression systems all in one container. It is a complete plug-and-play solution for large scale solar power storage.

Adaptability to Evolving Needs

Polinovel commercial energy storage systems feature a modular and scalable design that allows for adaptability to changing needs. It is an ideal choice for various industrial and commercial applications.

Meeting Diverse Needs

Different energy storage capacities are available, such as 100 kWh, 200 kWh, and 1mWh, to meet the needs of various scenarios like factories, mobile energy storage stations, medium-scale commercial power stations, communication base stations, etc.

High Safety Level

Polinovel commercial battery systems support linkage with BMS/EMS to ensure safe, reliable and stable operation of the system and the effective use of stored energy.

Uninterrupted Backup Power

Polinovel commercial ESS can store electrical energy efficiently. It serves as a crucial backup power source during outages, powering vital equipment and appliances to avoid production interruptions and reduce economic losses.

Effective Custom Solution

As a professional lithium ion solar battery manufacturer with over 15 years of experience, Polinovel will work with you to develop custom solutions based on specific requirements like capacity, voltage, discharge rate, safety features, etc, enabling efficient energy distribution and storage.

Large Scale Battery Storage Systems

Polinovel energy storage systems come in various sizes including 60kWh, 100kWh, and 200kWh to meet different needs, and can be used on-grid and off-grid, providing reliable power supply for various industrial and commercial scenarios.

Maximize Energy Independence with Polinovel ESS

Polinovel offers plug-and-play battery energy storage systems (BESS) that can bring significant benefits to commercial and industrial applications, such as emergency backup power to avoid financial losses and minimize impact on operations, peak shaving to help reduce demand charges during peak hours, and peak-to-valley interest arbitrage by supporting loads when electricity rates are high. 

With Polinovel BESS, customers can make significant savings on electricity bills and reduce dependence on the utility grid.

Experienced Energy Storage System Manufacturer

Polinovel has been deeply involved in the energy storage field for years. We are committed to creating a comprehensive range of battery storage systems with constant technological advancements. We will continue to address industry challenges, promote the development of the renewable energy industry, and build green communities with unwavering efforts.
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