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12V Lithium Battery Solutions

Polinovel 12V small battery solutions use high-quality LiFePO4 chemistry that has been carefully manufactured and thoroughly tested to optimize the battery performance. What’s more, they feature a smart BMS to provide protection against issues such as over-discharge, over-charge, short-circuits, and extreme temperatures, guaranteeing a safe operating experience. Our 12V small battery solutions are widely used in various deep cycle applications like LED lights, emergency lights, CCTV cameras, fishfinders, etc.

Polinovel 12V Small Battery Benefits

Premium Lithium Battery

Polinovel 12V small lithium battery is high-performance battery built on proven LFP chemistry. It has an impressive lifespan of more than 2500 cycles at 100% depth of discharge with no degradation in performance. 

Drop-in Replacement

Polinovel 12V small lithium battery is designed to be the drop-in replacement for deep-cycle lead-acid batteries, with greater energy density, deeper discharge capacity, higher round-trip efficiency, and a faster charging speed.

Intelligent BMS Protection

Polinovel 12V small lithium battery features a built-in BMS to ensure cell balancing, low voltage cutoff, high voltage cutoff, temperature protection, short circuit protection, etc, for extended lifespan and optimum performance.

Applicable for Various Applications

Polinovel 12V small lithium battery outperforms lead-acid counterparts by being versatile, lightweight and more powerful. It’s the perfect combination of size and capacity to fit many applications including LED lights, emergency lights, CCTV cameras, trail cameras, routers, garage door openers, fishfinders, wheelchairs, lawnmowers, home security systems, etc.

Compact and Powerful 12V Lithium Battery Solutions

Polinovel, a professional Chinese lithium battery manufacturer, offers various 12V small battery solutions in different capacities, such as 6Ah, 7Ah, 12Ah, 18Ah, 20Ah, 30Ah, 50Ah, etc., to meet diverse deep cycle requirements.

Polinovel - Reputable 12V Lithium ion Battery Manufacturer

Uphold High Quality Standard

State-of-the-art engineering processes, development strategies and manufacturing technologies are integrated throughout the entire battery production process. Polinovel places great emphasis on maintaining high efficiency and quality standards at every stage of the process to provide our customers with superior lithium battery products.

Reliable Custom-made Service

Polinovel is a reliable custom lithium ion battery manufacturer. We offer tailor-made lithium battery solutions to meet our customers' exact specifications. We work closely with our customers to provide the best solution for their specific needs and to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Customer First Commitment

As a leading lithium ion battery supplier in China, Polinovel is committed to providing exceptional customer service with the utmost honesty, integrity and professionalism. Our team has in-depth expertise in the lithium battery industry, allowing us to offer top-quality battery solutions to satisfy our customers' expectations.
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