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Forklift Lithium Batteries

Polinovel lithium batteries are the best choice for industrial and warehouse equipment like forklifts, AGVs, stackers, reach trucks, order pickers, tow motors, etc. They are designed to operate in high-intensity, multi-shift applications and provide numerous benefits over lead acid batteries. With Polinovel lithium ion batteries, you can expect greater safety performance and a higher energy density with significantly longer life than lead acid, keeping your forklifts productive in working environments.

Polinovel Lithium Forklift Battery Benefits

Constant Power

Polinovel lithium forklift batteries deliver consistent power and battery voltage throughout the full charge, while lead-acid batteries deliver declining power rates as the shift wears on.

High Safety Level

Polinovel lithium forklift batteries have high thermal and chemical stability. Moreover, they incorporate an advanced BMS to provide over-discharge, overcharge, over heating, and short circuit protections, ensuring longevity and maximum performance.

Faster Charging

Polinovel lithium forklift batteries provide significantly faster charging speeds and do not require charging cooling. This helps to optimize daily productivity and  reduces the number of forklifts required to accomplish objectives.

Zero Maintenance

Polinovel forklift lithium batteries require zero maintenance. There is no need to regularly check the battery and withstand acid spills, corrosion, sulfation and contamination, which helps save labor and maintenance costs.

Reduce Downtime

Polinovel lithium forklift batteries can last two to four times longer than traditional lead-acid batteries. With the ability to recharge a lithium battery, you will eliminate the need to perform battery swaps, which will reduce downtime.

Fewer Required Batteries

Polinovel lithium forklift batteries can stay in equipment longer where one battery can take the place of three lead-acid batteries. This helps eliminate the cost and storage space required for additional lead-acid batteries.

Polinovel Forklift Lithium Battery Features

Top-quality LiFePO4 Batteries

Polinovel forklift lithium batteries use automotive-grade LiFePO4 cells, and laser welding technology to meet high-current charging and discharging requirements, and ensure long-term reliability. Our batteries also feature an intelligent BMS to manage and protect the battery from overcharging, over-discharging, over-current, short circuits, etc., ensuring working safety in demanding conditions.

Opportunity Charging to Boost Productivity

Our forklift lithium batteries support multi-shift operations with their fast charging and opportunity charging capabilities. Operators can charge our LiFePO4 batteries anytime and anywhere. This increases productivity and eliminates the need for battery swapping - saving more time and costs.

Trusted by Globally Recognized Companies

Polinovel's batteries have earned the trust of Coca-Cola. We offer a customized range of 48V, 72V, and 80V traction batteries for the Toyota, Linde, Nichiyu, and TCM forklift trucks in their warehouses. Each battery fits perfectly into the battery compartments for easy installation.

Great Performance in a Hill Start Test with a 3.5-ton Load

Our lithium batteries deliver powerful, safe, and reliable uphill performance for a forklift with a load of 3.5 tons. They are the ideal choice for demanding material handling tasks.

Polinovel Lithium Traction Battery Manufacturing

Polinovel 48V 80V Industrial Lithium Batteries

Choose from a Variety of Polinovel Forklift Batteries

As a reliable forklift battery supplier in China, Polinovel offers a comprehensive range of LiFePO4 forklift battery solutions, including 24V, 36V, 48V, and 80V options. In case the available models don't meet your requirements, we also offer custom-made battery solutions.

Power Industrial Fleets with Polinovel Forklift Batteries

Polinovel lithium traction battery is the optimal solution for powering material handling equipment. You can expect a boost in productivity and efficiency, while also minimizing the need for battery maintenance and reducing replacement costs.

It is time to upgrade your fleet by equipping it with Polinovel LiFePO4 traction battery that offers fast charging, durability, and robust power.

Top Forklift Battery Supplier

Polinovel, a professional lithium battery factory, is always striving for improvement and innovation with the goal of providing battery solutions that are both competitive and seamlessly integrated into a wide range of applications. Our team of experts is constantly researching and developing new and advanced lithium forklift battery solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers and to provide them with unparalleled performance and reliability.
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