How Lithium Batteries Benefit Warehouse Operations?
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How Lithium Batteries Benefit Warehouse Operations?


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Lithium batteries play a crucial role in the operation of warehouses. They provide a wealth of advantages that can boost productivity. We've discussed how lithium batteries can lower labor costs and improve warehouse operations in this article. Read on to find more details.

Lithium Batteries Are More Cost-efficient

Lithium batteries have a lifespan of up to 10 times that of lead acid batteries, resulting in a significant reduction in replacement costs over time. In addition, their performance does not degrade over time. When fully charged, lithium batteries produce the same amount of power as when they are only 20 percent charged. In contrast, lead acid batteries do lose some power over time. They can only be discharged down to a level of about 50%, so their capacity is not fully utilized by users. Lithium batteries have a much higher discharge rate, users can utilize the battery's full capacity during each charge/discharge cycle.

Lithium Batteries Are More Space-efficient

Battery storage is an essential part of any warehouse. Lead acid batteries quickly lose power, especially after several years of use. To install replacement batteries quickly, workers must have immediate access to the batteries during their shifts. As a result, these replacement batteries usually take up much space in the warehouse.

Lithium batteries have an extended lifespan, and fewer replacement batteries will be stored in the warehouse, which requires less space. What’s more, lithium batteries are significantly more energy-dense than lead acid batteries and therefore require less floor space per kilowatt-hour. This is good for warehouses because the space can be used to store products, thereby boosting warehouse productivity and profits.

Lithium Batteries Are Safer

Lithium batteries are physically safer to handle than lead acid batteries. They come with a battery management system (BMS) that protects against over-charging, over-discharging, over temperature, and short circuits, etc. Reduced likelihood of injuries provides workers with peace of mind and reduces long-term labor costs for employers.

Final Thought

Polinovel lithium batteries use proven LiFePO4 chemistry to ensure long runtime and superior performance, which can meet your needs to increase warehouse efficiency. Make sure to contact the Polinovel team if you want to find out more about how to incorporate lithium batteries into the operations of warehouses.


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