How to get a custom BL lithium battery?
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How to get a custom BL lithium battery?

Every consumer is full of individual characteristics, and the BL lithium battery products owned by different consumers should also be colorful. So, how should consumers get a custom BL lithium battery?HD lithium battery (1)

Here is the outline:

1. What is a personalized BL lithium battery?

2. How to get a custom BL lithium battery?

3. What are the advantages of BL lithium batteries?

What is a personalized BL lithium battery?

1. Custom size. Different models of ships and RVs require lithium battery products of different sizes. Experienced consumers can find suitable BL lithium battery products according to the volume space in a specific environment.

2. Custom functions. Based on consumers’ specific needs, we can customize the functions of the BL lithium battery, such as self-heating, LCD display, and so on.

3. Custom logo. We can print consumers' logo on the casing of the BL lithium battery to help them develop their brand.

How to get a custom BL lithium battery?

1. Find the right manufacturer. Due to the limitations of production technology and technical level, only high-level lithium battery manufacturers can undertake the task of customizing lithium batteries. This requires consumers to make more comparisons in the battery market and master first-hand information from major manufacturers. Detailed information on custom products can be obtained from the official web pages of various lithium battery manufacturers and the official stores on the Alibaba platform.

2. Define your own customization needs. Consumers who want to customize a personalized BL lithium battery need to understand their expectations. Consumers are free to choose from a selection of custom styles and sizes offered by merchants. We support finding BL lithium batteries that are more suitable for actual use according to the specific needs of consumers.

What are the advantages of BL lithium batteries?

1. Anti-corrosion. The internal structure of this lithium battery is clear and the packaging level is reasonable. In the general environment, this lithium battery will not have quality problems such as rust and corrosion.

2. The location of the ship is mostly very wet. At this time, a moisture-proof and waterproof BL lithium battery can better meet the needs of consumers. In addition, moisture-proof lithium batteries can also have a longer service life.

3. Polinovel BL Bluetooth lithium battery series is a drop-in replacement for lead acid. It features all the advantages of lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) technology, delivering more usable energy, lighter weight, longer cycle life, and superior performance. The intelligent BMS and Bluetooth communication ensures you monitor and turn on/off the battery remotely on your phone. This battery series contains 12V, 24V, and 36V models available for a wide range of applications like motorhome, trolling motor, etc.

Polinovel BL series lithium battery utilizes advanced Bluetooth technology. You can view the battery status through the “iPolinovel” free app, including the battery state of charge (SOC), voltage, capacity, current, cycles, and temperature.

In short, personalized BL lithium batteries can start from the function and size. Consumers can better find high-quality lithium batteries only by clarifying their use occasions and use needs. Shenzhen Polinovel Tech Co., Ltd just wants to provide consumers with better lithium battery products.


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