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Recycle of Battery


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China ranks first in the world with an annual output of 400 million tons of waste, and it is increasing at a rate of about 8% annually. Some of the wastes are recyclable, but most of them are not properly recycled but are landfilled or incinerated. In response to the problem of waste disposal, the waste sorting policy is implemented in 2019 to reduce environmental pollution.

You may ask, can the lithium battery be recycled?

Yes, the contents of lithium-ion batteries are less toxic than most other battery types, which makes them easier to recycle. LiFePO4 batteries can be recycled to recover the materials used in their electrodes, wiring, and housing. Some of these materials can be used in new lithium batteries.

Batteries power our daily lives and we have a responsibility to recycle them probably as they reach their end of life. It is not only a responsible and safe thing to do, but it also brings many benefits. It helps prevent potentially dangerous hazards in the battery from damaging the environment. It can prevent potential fires by draining the battery from the garage and helping to protect our natural resources.

There are several types of batteries on the market that need to be recycled in a specific way. Some can be recycled by placing them in a designated battery bin. Some types of batteries require special collection companies for recycling. Be sure to know in advance how and where to recycle the battery.


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