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HD Lithium Battery

Polinovel HD deep cycle lithium batteries are the perfect drop-in replacements for AGM, GEL lead-acid batteries. The HD battery group has an affluent of size and capacity to fit many applications. They provide more energy, faster charging and discharging, longer cycle life and no maintenance compared to traditional lead acid batteries. The HD range also covers innovative lithium battery series with more functions including HDN, HT, and Arctic series.

HD Series

Polinovel HD series lithium batteries utilize patented 32650 (32700) cylindrical lifepo4 battery cells, features "PCB+BMS" dual protection technology and "screw fasten" module structure, the durable HD lithium batteries provide outstanding safety and performance for even harsh environment.

HDN Series

Polinovel HDN series lithium battery features the same structure and technology as HD series, but with more functions. The embedded LCD screen to display battery voltage and SOC is more convenient for you to check the battery status. The DC output USB port can quickly charge your phone and electronics before being out of power.

HT Series

Polinovel HT series lithium batteries are derivated from Polinovel HD series lifepo4 batteries. While retaining the durable structure, they featured smart Bluetooth communication technology, that can monitor battery working status and localize potential issues on a smartphone or tablet. Android and iOS systems are both accessible.

Arctic Series

Polinovel Arctic series are low-temperature performance batteries that can charge in cold weather down to -35°°C. The patented self-heating technology directly draws power from the charger, with no extra component required.
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